Welcoming Baby Girl | Memphis Tennessee Lifestyle Newborn Session

Being pregnant now with a baby girl of my own makes being a Memphis newborn photographer even more special because each time I work with a new family of three it gives me the butterflies knowing I'll be in their shoes in four more months! This precious family of three...five if you count their fur babies... was an absolute treat. I almost felt like I was shooting for someone's Pinterest board! Quick side note: to all my future clients - if you're wondering what to wear for your session or color palette to choose, this family hits the nail on the head!

Precious baby girl was such a sweetheart, falling asleep in the comfort of her parent's arms + when awake just fascinated by the clicking of my camera. There is something so precious about a content baby staring right into my lens during sessions. It really allows me to capture those tiny little features that will quickly grow within the next couple of months. Keep scrolling for more of our morning together. Enjoy!!

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A New Baby Brother | Memphis Tennessee Lifestyle Newborn Session

Being a Memphis newborn photographer, my job comes with so much cuteness, and this session was double the cuteness! The beautiful Cathey family welcomed another BOY to their crew! I had such a wonderful time photographing this new family of four. Big brother was just the sweetest, showing me where his little brother's room was + being so gentle when it was his time for photos! Sometimes older siblings can be a little timid when a new baby arrives, but this big bro was so infatuated with his little brother!! Keep scrolling to see all the cuteness! 

Home with Little Man Murphy | Memphis Tennessee Lifestyle Newborn Session

Being a lifestyle baby photographer allows me the opportunity of meeting so many new families in the Memphis area, and it is such a great joy!! I absolutely love working with babies, but walking into this session I wasn't sure if I'd be hanging with a little Miss or Mister since mom and dad were waiting until the birth to know the gender. Upon my arrival to their beautiful home, I was greeted at the door by momma and little man Murphy! Our time together was just perfect. Murphy split his time snoozing in the arms of his parents and looking around while I was clicking away at his cuteness. Scroll down for more of this adorable session!