NOW BOOKING: Lifestyle STUDIO Sessions!!

KKP Studio Announcement.jpg

This is without a doubt one of my favorite announcements since first starting KKP!! It feels so good to finally share that one of my dreams is coming true,
I am now offering Lifestyle STUDIO Sessions!! 

Since day one of being behind the camera I always wondered, should I have a Brick and Mortar? Of course, after some time people started asking to shoot in my studio, to which I had to reply that I didn't actually own one! Not having that has an option always made me wonder, am I missing out on working with some families because I didn't have a space to offer them? I've gone back + forth about the idea for the last three years. I've questioned if I should build out of our home or if renting would be a good option.  Honestly, the idea of having a studio never went away, but was always put on the back burner because it seemed like too big of a project, at least one that never seemed realistic. Then last summer my husband + I found out we were expecting!! The day we found out we were going to be parents the wheels in my head started to turn! One constant thought that never disappeared was, "Okay, now I'm not just a photographer, I'm going to be a mom... a working mom!! How am I going to make this work?" And the brainstorming began! 

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I knew I didn't want to stop working. I love what I do, but knew things would change once baby girl arrived. My time would now be split. I couldn't do KKP at all hours of the day. I knew she'd need + deserve her momma's time too. I had to figure out how I could work the same amount of time, but be a momma as well. One of those "work smarter not harder" type things. I figured this might be a great time to resurface the studio idea. This way I could still work with the same amount of families, but instead of dividing my sessions up on a daily basis, condense them into one day so that I'm not away from my daughter as much. So I went to Google.

 I started to research spots in Memphis that might work as a studio space... I was not having luck! There weren't many options as far as spaces that offered a blank canvas with natural light. Then I thought about the wonderful ladies at Propcellar. I had met the owners, Karlee + Nicki, shortly after starting KKP back in May of 2015. They had been nothing but generous, kind + supportive since the day I met them so, I gave them a call! 

After my conversation with Nicki we set up a date to meet in person to discuss all the ideas I had about this STUDIO dream. We eventually met + oh my Lordy, these women made my year!! I sat in their office, put my heart out there for them to either accept or deny + before I knew it I was literally crying. Tears of joy of course, but nonetheless, sitting on their couch crying... Granted, it could have been the pregnancy hormones, their unending love + willingness to accept my visions or the fact that everything was coming full circle. Actually, now thinking back on it I'm pretty sure it was a mixture of all those things!!

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So where will my STUDIO space be?! PROPCELLAR. It's a warehouse that acts as a prop rental by day + venue by night! Located in the heart of mid-town Memphis, this space is nothing short of my photographer dreams!! A perfectly natural lit blank canvas that will be the prettiest lifestyle setting once transformed with a couple KKP touches. I'm so excited to get in there to start shooting + cannot wait to now offer a service that I once thought was unattainable! 

These STUDIO Sessions will be perfect for the majority of the Collections I offer: Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family + Mini Sessions!! It's a way to not worry about the cleanliness or brightness of your house as well as give an alternative if you bundle Collections + not want to do all your sessions in your home! It's a controlled setting which means I'll know exactly how the natural light will affect your session + the end result of your images. Pretty much a win/win!! I look forward to working with many families in this new space + see how this next adventure unfolds!!