A minimalistic, organic + timeless form
of photography for the growing, modern family.

Newborns are photographed within the first 14 days of their birth. In order to capture that tiny, squishy little love of yours it’s important to have this session on the books no later than one to two months prior to momma’s due date. Newborn Sessions can take place in the Studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Shot on location at one of the three KKP outdoor locations or In-Studio for a wide variety of organic + natural portraiture. Every baby bump grows differently, so sessions are booked to cater to each mommy-to-be. The goal is to capture the beauty of the belly all while making sure momma feels confident + gorgeous in her new skin. Booking anywhere between week 30 - 36 or week 25 - 30 if pregnant with twins.

Babies today, memories forever. Milestone Sessions are typically booked around 6-12 months. The perfect location for this kind of session is in the Studio! There is no better time to photograph that growing personality, chubby cheeks + all those precious rolls.

C l i e n t W a r d r o b e


Clients now have the opportunity to choose wardrobe pieces from the “Client Closet” for Maternity, Newborn, Milestone + Family Sessions. The wardrobe collections will be offered to both Studio + In-Home clients. The selections will adhere to the soft, light + organic aesthetic of the KKP brand, all hand-picked with you in mind + are chosen because they will photograph well. The Client Wardrobe is broken into two categories, the Motherhood Edition catering to mommas with baby bumps as well as postpartum figures. The Baby Edition caters to little ones ages 0 - 12 months.



“I am blown away. I want to thank you again for using your talent to bless our family. We will cherish these photos forever. I feel like our baby girl is already changing + I am so thankful to have these to look back on + remember her sweet little squishy lips + arms. You make us look so much better than we do in real life, haha! You are incredible, mama!”

Newborn Photography


“Kyle!!!! These photos...they left me speechless! I can’t believe how perfectly you captured little Evie! It’s always so hard for me to choose a photographer! My family owned Memphis’ first camera store up until 2015, so I grew up in a lab seeing beautiful photos of families! I think this is what makes it SO difficult for me to choose the right photographer. I have an idea in my mind of what I want photos to look like, + I don’t want to be disappointed. YOU FREAKING NAILED IT!!! Like seriously, they are perfection! I cannot imagine any photos more beautiful of Evie. Can we go ahead and hire you for every single milestone + future baby too?! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

Milestone Photography

“Oh, Kyle!I’m in tears… there is nothing better than having these photos. They are SOOOO perfect + precious + beautiful in every way. Time is so fleeting but you were able to help time stand still this day in these pictures! I could never thank you enough. You are such a rockstar photographer + mama… I don’t know how you do it all. So thank you for taking the time to perfect these!!!”

Newborn Photography

“Wow, Kyle! I do not even know where to begin. You are PURE MAGIC — You captured our little guy PERFECTLY even when he was not showing all of his usual personality. I am just floored with your talent + skill. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are permanently in your photog family now. You cannot get rid of us if you tried. We look forward to watching Abram grow through your photos.”

Family Photography


The Kyle Kelley Photography Studio


Located in the heart of East Memphis, the KKP Studio serves the client in need of something simple + bright outside of their home. The Studio is all natural light with a cozy home-like setup to stay true to the organic, lifestyle approach of photography. Here you will see the use of minimal accessories (no props) to achieve a natural, light + timeless atmosphere where you + your growing family are the true focus.


Natural Light Portraits in Your Home


Home is where the heart is. It’s your safe haven, the place where memories are made + little ones grow. Coming to you + being greeted with a warm welcome is one of the greatest honors with this job. So much time + money is spent into making your house a home + I just adore photographing growing families in the comfort of the walls around them. We will spend time in the rooms that get the greatest light, so be ready to prance + play throughout the whole house. It is essential that on the day we shoot there is as much natural light as possible, so when the weather takes a turn for the overcast or stormy days we will postpone for a sunny one!